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In September 2017 a team of intrepid explorers (or crazy folk, up for a challenge!) will be walking up Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of four local organisations: The Wingate Centre, Mid Cheshire Hospital Charity Trust, CRY for Matthew and RedShift Youth Activities.


Each walker has been asked to raise a minimum of £1,000 in addition to the cost of their trip. This will be split between the four organisations

To help the walkers achieve the fund raising targets for the organisations, they have been allowed to (if required) to part fund the cost of their trip through their personal fundraising. The percentage that each walker is contributing is displayed in their GiveAll fundraising page (see links)

Chris Pywell

I moved to Hough with my wife and three children nearly 25 years ago and despite being a parish Councillor for half of those I’m only just settling into village life now!

When I reached the big 5-O I made a commitment to doing something on my bucket list before reaching the big 6-O. Time has started to run out and body parts are now in danger of failure.


Fate played its part when I read Liz’s articles in the Chronicle Newspaper and said why not? It ticks all the boxes, its a local group, and having supported numerous NW businesses provided the opportunity to support four great local community causes. So here I am – willing, fit and able – at least until next October!

Duncan Goff

I’m Duncan and I work as a Deputy Director of Finance at Leighton Hospital. I’m 47 and I am married to Sue and have 3 boys in their teens. I enjoy walking particularly with our Chocolate Lab Ozzy. I also
enjoy challenges and over recent years I have completed a number of Mountain Bike challenges but I wanted to do something different. I attended the Mid Cheshire Hospitals celebration of achievement
evening in November last year where David was speaking and he talked about the Killi trip. I instantly thought this was something I wanted to do as I had seen the mountain 20 years earlier whilst on my honeymoon. I am really looking forward to the challenge later on in the year and being able to support these charities whilst doing it...

David Parry

I have enjoyed walking for most of my adult life but I have never attempted anything on this scale. Having once visited Tanzania when I was a lot younger and seeing Kili from a far distance it has always been an ambition of mine to go back and reach the summit.


This opportunity allows me to fulfill this whilst also raising some much needed funds for these local causes. In particular we have a close family link to Cry for Mathew as he was a close friend to my daughter Kate at school. Kate has done her bit by raising a lot of money by swimming the equivalent of the channel so I thought it was about time I pulled my finger out and made my contribution.

Paul Boniface

On the 22nd June I will be 65. Rather than retire and go on a cruise I shall be celebrating my new found super-youth by not retiring and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September in aid of four great causes. So I am trading in warmth, relaxation and beer for a demanding physical challenge, brass-monkey conditions and five litres of water a day. And I couldn’t be happier to do so especially as the trip will be helping four wonderful community organisations. So, if you were wondering what to get me for my birthday…

Lydia Sharkey

My names Lydia, I'm 24 and work in Marketing and PR at Trentham Monkey Forest, as well as being a newborn and wedding photographer on the side.


I love travelling and exploring - I definitely have the travel bug and have infected my other half with this too! I tend to say yes to any kind of holiday or adventure, without considering what it actually consists of... This is what happened with the Kili climb. It's never been top of my bucket list, but something I'd always consider doing if the opportunity came along.


I attended a networking event with RedShift and saw 'Kilimanjaro talk' on the schedule. I was instantly interested and after listening to the amazing talk I was in! I made a quick call to my boyfriend, Liam, who simply replied 'yes, ok!' - winner!


When we found out more about the brilliant organisations and charities it was in aid of it made the climb all the more important to us. I'm least looking forward to the cold and the altitude (as well as the summit attempt day). But, I feel the amazing sense of achievement, brilliant friendships made and overall experience will minimise all of these worries. Plus Liam is my rock, so thank god he agreed to come along too.

Liam Downy

I am Lydia's boyfriend so thought I'd better go along to carry her water bottles!

John Morrison

I’m a 22 year old graduate in Journalism with a passion for foreign reporting and adventure. I currently live in Torquay or to give it it’s more glamorous name the English Rivera, and I work in Paignton, the next town along, in financial services.


I have previously visited Africa when my both my parents decided to go out on mission to Malawi for a month in order to stay for 2 years. They both worked in a children’s orphanage during that time and I went along to school everyday with the orphans. However this was in 2005 and I was only 10, so for me Africa has/is only ever been memories created by a 10 year old. These are incredibly simplistic. I’m not naïve enough to think that they are all Africa has to offer. So I’ve always said to myself I’m going back in whatever shape or form, even if that means I have to climb 20,000 feet.


I have always believed that life should be lived by saying ‘yes’ to things which are outside of your comfort zone, things which challenge and ask you to dig deep inside yourself. You may have noticed, I certainly have, that I might be the youngest person in our #ClimbKili2017 group and it’s good to see so many people of different ages & backgrounds attempting the climb. I hope we will all be an inspiration to others. Why not?

Jon Cox

I have had climbing Kili on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Luckily Liz Southall mentioned this challenge to me and here we are!

I live locally with my wife Linz & two boys (Jasper & Henry).

Liz Southall

I am doing this because I turn 40 this year and need to get fit. This is way beyond any challenge I have ever set myself and I am actually dreading it! 

I need to get fit and with my partner Michael-John Parkin to help me, I am going to get up that mountain!

When not doing crazy things like this, I run RedShift Radio and inNantwich, a marketing company for organisations in South Cheshire.

I will miss my dog Jasper but he is enjoying the training walks!

Michael-John Parkin

I am MJ, I love the outdoors and have completed coast-to-coast and the Three Peaks Challenge. My partner Liz wanted to do this challenge for her 40th birthday so here I am.

I am an ex-dairy farmer and now sell insurance to farmers. I am also the Chairman of the Nantwich Show and a local tennis league.

Liz and I enjoy walking our dog Jasper who is going to be spoilt with all our training walks!

Martin Berry

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