• Ellen

Community Fundraising

Could you help a local charity through a sponsored challenge/ event? A huge amount of charities get no government funding or very little and with everything going on at the minute they have had many fundraising events cancelled or postponed. So here are our top 10 ideas, both to help out local charities and to give you something to do.

  1. Host a virtual tea party

  2. Run, walk or cycle a set distance

  3. Run a virtual quiz

  4. Dye your hair a crazy colour

  5. Create a sponsored virtual dance

  6. Host a virtual karaoke party

  7. Challenge your self to complete a goal (eg learn to code or play an instrument)

  8. Create a virtual puppet show

  9. Host an online art gallery/ auction

  10. Hold a virtual story-time

Well I hope that gives you some ideas to get started, have fun and be safe!

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