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Creativity and Wellbeing

Creativity often goes hand in hand with wellbeing, as many of us use it as a way to express ourselves. Don't just write it off thinking you don't want to draw or paint. Creativity has many forms, yes the standard ones are drawing, painting, colouring in. I get it, that's either not your style or you've done so much you are bored of it. Been there done that.

Creativity is more than that. It could be writing a poem or a rap, perhaps you want to write a song. No, still not hooked you on creativity yet? No worries lets try something else, how about building a model, sewing an outfit, cushion or bag, editing a video, maybe you could try photoshopping some photos or images. There are so many ways you can be creative. Even this writing a blog is being creative, just letting the words flow as you paint your thoughts on paper.

We all need an outlet for our emotions, some people keep a diary or a journal, others kick a ball around, it does the same thing. Some times we just need to express an emotion that is hard to put into words, or something we just don't want to talk about, that's where creativity comes in. It gives you the freedom to just be you, to put your message out their.

Don't define creativity as simply fine art, it comes in many forms. With new technologies there are becoming more and more ways to express ourselves from photoshop, to 3D pens, to VR paintings and video editing there is an endless amount of ways for you to let your emotions guide your creativity. When my mental health was at its worst I would get this sudden urge to express it, I wrote poems, made sculptures and made paintings, I would recommend to anyone struggling with emotions to try and express it in a creative way. It doesn't have to be perfect to say what you want it to say.

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