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Daniel Achterhuis' Biography- Presenter of the Piston Podcast

My name is Daniel Achterhuis and I’m a 14-year-old motoring journalist and podcaster based in Nantwich, Cheshire. I aspire to become a professional motoring journalist in my later years.

Daniel stood by a white car with red,blue and white stripes and the number 53 on the front

RedShift has kindly asked me to write a blog, so here it goes. Where do I start? Way back in 2016 I presume! I was just 10 years old, I wanted to build up my profile becoming an automotive journalist. I heard of a small-community radio station just down the road, so I gave them a call and introduced myself. After many weeks of training and communication, I was somehow given my own weekly radio show with my cousin – Ben. Each week we gossiped about the latest antics circling our young brains, with the occasional guest coming on from time to time promoting a business. We even had animals in the studio one week!

I really found that RedShift boosted my confidence by a considerable amount. I started volunteering at local events and interviewing well-known people like Bryony Paige and Kieran Mullen. By the start of 2019, I was ready to start another project, that was when I started my second weekly radio show online completely on my own, it was daunting at first, but it only boosted my public confidence even more. By 2019, I was presenting two radio shows, on a Monday and Wednesday, along with writing articles on a motoring platform called DriveTribe – founded by Clarkson, Hammond and May. I really don’t think I would’ve properly started writing so early if it wasn’t for my experience at RedShift, it led me into so many cool opportunities, including a guided tour around the CW1 Bentley showroom in Crewe.

In July 2019, I was accredited press at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I was the youngest member of the press team at the entire event. I was given the opportunity to see the launch of a new Audi motor-car, which was incredible to 13-year-old me. The whole Goodwood experience was truly overwhelming. By the end of 2019, I had presented over 3 years of radio, broadcasting from CarFest North, Goodwood and even from high up in Scotland! RedShift was slowly moving into a new territory, but I wasn’t finished there; I was also lurking into a new chapter of my life. RedShift soon announced that they were moving onto producing podcasts for the ‘net, so I quickly dreamed up my own automotive podcast, which I present today, in fact.

I can honestly say that RedShift has been humongous support into my slowly-growing career in journalism. It has boosted my confidence, changed me into a better person, and kept me occupied each week with shows and podcasts to host. This is my fourth year as a part of the fantastic RedShift Online team, and I’m proud to be apart of such a lovely organisation. I’m starting to gain recognition from all over the world - Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Australia, and much more, with countless streams and downloads. I recently hit the automotive podcast chart, which was a huge milestone for me. I am ever-so-grateful.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I do know that I will remain a RedShifter for as long as I possibly can. Thank you for reading. If you’d like to read more about me then feel free to check out my website: https://danielachterhuis.wixsite.com/cars You can also get in touch and email me: danielachterhuis@gmail.com Twitter and Instagram: @DanielCars05

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