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Internship at RedShift

A few months ago now (end of April to be specific) Liz kindly agreed to let me do a virtual internship with RedShift Online. This was through a special scheme that my university is running with Santander to help not for profit businesses and charities during lockdown. In short Santander pays the Intern rather than the company. It has helped me pass the time and keep a semi-routine (who hasn't had a few pyjama days?!) during lockdown by dedicating a few hours a day to helping run RedShift Behind the scenes.

So, what have I been doing? A lot of my time has been focused on creating posts for the RedShift Facebook page, but I have also been on twitter with the occasional post from me finding its way to Instagram. In expansion to this I have also been creating graphics for some of our newest Podcasts such as the millennial introvert and listen with pops and of course my new blog logo😂.

Gosh I have gotten through so many tasks it is hard to remember everything I have done! I have had lots of zoom chats with liz to ensure I am on the right track with everything, I have been doing and to learn new skills. I have been figuring out different post scheduling platforms so we can find one that works best for us, from Later, to Loomly to Zoho social and even Facebook creator studio we have tried them all! I have also learnt how to write blogs on Wix, which is what I am currently using!

I helped to promote the Pledges virtual careers festival, watching live most of the week so that I could tweet live and relevant tweets on both the RedShift and the Nantwich Pledge accounts. That was quite a bust week with lots going on and so many businesses it was hard to keep track of! If it weren't for trusty google docs I think it would have been hard to keep up with the hectic schedule.

For VE Day I created a tea pouring GIF that was up loaded to twitter along with photos that went up on Facebook and Instagram. These took me a good few hours to perfect lucky for me I had a lovely tea set on hand to use for my photography. I think the images came out quite well seeing as I took them all on my phone. At first instead of a GIF I was aiming for a slow motion video with sound (below is the slow mo video with no sound), but I couldn't get the recording of tea pouring to sound just right even with my mini microphone. So i went with the next best thing which was a GIF. For VE Day I also created a video of all the photos and video clips we were sent in, but by the time we had managed to collect everyone's photos, videos and even some audio we felt it was too far from the event to post.

In all it has been a busy few months with lots of new skills gained. Even before my internship I had been volunteering with RedShift on and off for roughly two and a half years. I started out presenting a turbo youth show with a friend after joking about how it would be amusing to have tourettes on the radio with my mum. A few weeks later and by chance my mum bumped into Liz at her work and mentioned we had joked about it, next thing I know I am in the studio having my first lesson in presenting on radio! For about 8 months I presented live on air for an hour every Sunday, before I decided to stop so I could focus on my A levels and getting in to university. Then a while later liz asked if I would like to help out with the social media side of things and I agreed at the time just helping run the Facebook page. Slowly over time I have started learning more about the different roles needed to run RedShift and have watched as we have moved from radio to podcasting network, I still sometimes stumble and call us RedShift Radio!😂

That's all from me today, but feel free to check out some of my other blogs!

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