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Karen Kelly's Biography- Presenter of Appetite for life

I have been a regular on Redshift for some time now previously presenting Scarlet Ladies, a fun, entertaining and informative show (sometimes with no filter!)

My debut novel, Lillian White’s Journey, was launched last year locally and I am also a keen public speaker. I have been self-employed for many years working as a blogger for a global toy company as well as planning my next writing projects which include a sequel to Lillian White’s Journey.

My new podcast, Appetite for Life, holds a similar vibe to my previous shows with plenty to talk about whilst keeping the spiel real - we discuss today's have it all lifestyle with various topics the occasion guest, women in business and fun interesting chat so whether you’re a stay at home parent, work from home have that sleepy commute to the office or fly high around the globe there’s something for everyone, it’s just everyday life and how we fill it so tune in and pump up the volume it’s good to talk with an Appetite for Life.

If you have anything you wish to bring to my attention or discuss on this podcast then please get in touch via email karenlindakelly@btinternet.com or contact form: https://www.redshiftonline.org/contact

Appetite for Life is sponsored by Dane Bank Dental Practice

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