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RedShift Blog is Back!!

Hello and welcome to the new RedShift Online blog! We currently have four main categories to fill, however there is always the possibility we could expand our category range. Below you can read a brief overview about what content you will be able to find in each category.

The first category is (one we are reviving) Community Highlights, which you might remember from when we were still RedShift Radio. This section will be filled with lots of different blogs about what's going on in our local community, from fundraising, to events, to awards won!

The second category is the RedShift Update, which is where you can find the latest updates about what's going on at RedShift, including short overviews about the latest podcast releases! You might even find some short bio's about our presenters, or perhaps we should ask Jasper for his bio?🐕😂

Our third category is our educational section, where we will quite simply have blogs that are either educational or about education, whether that be primary school, secondary school, college or university all are welcome in this section. It would be great to have local schools writing blogs about what is going on in their community here, or people passionate about their subject sharing their knowledge.👩‍🏫👨‍🎓

The final category that I want to mention is our Guest Blogs section, this is an area where local businesses, show guests and specialists in a topic can write a guest blog for us. How exciting is that?!🤩

We are open to suggestions about what type of blogs you would be interested to read about. The most important thing here is that this is a blog for and by the community, if you have an idea drop us a message and we will see if we can work it into a blog, or perhaps you would like to write for us? Tell us what you want to see, or if you think there is a category missing, we would love to have your feedback!

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