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Staying organised at uni

So, you have what feels like 100 assignments, course notes everywhere and no way of keeping track of things. No problem. This blog post is dedicated to helping you get organised!

In my first year of uni, I had one notepad to use for all subjects, 4 popper wallets (one for each module) and 4 ring binders. -This is per semester btw- I took a pencil case with pens, a pencil & rubber and highlighters, with some extra coloured pens thrown in just in case. Then everyday I took my notepad and my relevant popper wallets (lets call them folders). After awhile I just started leaving all my folders in my bag as they weren't heavy. I would take my notes in my notepad in class then tear them out and put them in my folder until I got home. Any I wouldn't need in my next class I would transfer to my ring binder.

I made notes in my notepad of any work that needed doing whilst in uni, but would then transfer this information to my to do list and or my weekly planner, both of which are desk style and not books. I would plan ahead week by week in my weekly planner what assignments needed doing and then pin the current week up on my pin board, so it was in my line of sight.

This was my strategy for my first year and it worked fairly well, but it meant not always having all my notes on me when I needed them. Plus it is a bit of a annoying having to keep transferring notes and if I forgot it could get confusing what was what. I am going to try something a little different this year.

I have a set of bullet journals from amazon and I am currently in the process of "blank" setting them up. The reason I am not properly filling them out is because I don't know 100% what modules I am taking until I get my timetable late September (in case of module clashes which would require me to swap modules). So what I have done is put a blank timetable grid on my first page, with space to write down assignments on my second, then on my third there is an area to put my tutors contact details and an attendance tracker. With my fourth page being reserved for any important information I might need to take note of. I have only filled in two of my journals so far but plan to fill in the rest soon. Then each week I plan to have a weekly spread, with all the days and space to write notes. After my weekly spreads I will write my notes from my lectures and seminars. In addition to this when I am planning my assignments I will make my notes in my journal. I am estimating that I will use half of each journal per semester, we shall see how it goes. ooh! Nearly forgot my journals have a folder in the back I can slip any loose sheets I might end up being given in lectures.

I also will have a master timetable and assignment tracker in my personal bullet journal. This will help give me a good overview of all my assignments and lessons for the day. I am hoping that using a bullet journal style of organising my uni notes and assignments will be more effective than using binders and folders. Let me know how you stay organised. That's all for today! (I have included 5 images below to give you an idea of my set up, I used teal to accent my teal journal and red for the red one. There is also an image of my master assignment tracker in my ottergami journal)

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