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Turn your Home into a winter wonderland

Now it's December I can finally post this! Lets talk Christmas decorations. I am sure we all have very different ideas about how to decorate, so feel free to comment below or email us at studio@redshiftonline.org with all your fantastic ideas and pictures.

First things first lets pick a colour scheme, classic red and green? Blue and silver? Blue and purple? Gold and silver.... There are endless options!!! Once we have our colour scheme we need to choose what types of decorations we need. Do you like glass or plastic baubles, do you think tinsel looks tacky or classic? (Heads up I will be discussing both tinsel and baubles)

Now that we know what decorations we are using, lets put up the tree. Real or not? Your choice. The main thing is choosing where to put it, now this depends on the space you have in your house, does it go in the living room, dinning room, kitchen or hallway? If I was to have endless space I would put a main one in the hallway and smaller ones in all the other rooms listed😂. But you might think that's over board...

Now that we have the tree up lets decorate it! If you are using lights wrap them neatly around the tree first, making sure it is even. Then starting at the bottom place your largest baubles all the way around and as you move up slowly decrease the size of your baubles. Personally I prefer a tree without tinsel but add it next if you wish. Adding some fake presents under a tree helps to give it that little extra lift, so wrap up some empty cardboard boxes and place them underneath. This will also cover the feet of the tree if you haven't got a skirt for it.

To add a little extra something wrap some tinsel around the banisters on your stairs. (Please be careful to ensure this doesn't compromise your safety.) Then if you have pictures on the walls you could hang tinsel across the top.

Add a wreath to your front door and your house will look fantastic! We look forwards to hearing how you decorate.

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