• Ellen

Virtual Fireworks Night

Okay so we cant go to a professionally organised fireworks show, but what can we do? Here are my top ideas to have a great Guy Fawkes this year!

  1. Watch videos of fireworks online, you could watch actual fireworks or videos of drone fireworks. There are hundreds to choose from online! If you are lucky enough to have access to VR of any kind, try watching your videos in it!

  2. Create chalk pictures of fireworks, use black paper and lots of colourful chalk.

  3. Similar to the above but more fun and more messy! (sorry not sorry) Using black paper, put glue in the areas you want covered in glitter (use biodegradable) and then have fun sprinkling on the glitter. When its done you can step back and admire your work!

  4. Make smores! If you don't know what these are then you are missing out! Toast some marshmallows, then put the marshmallow on a plain digestive biscuit, add some chocolate (I like to melt mine first) and top with another digestive, then enjoy.😋

  5. Create your own Guy Fawkes figure, this is basically a scarecrow. Traditionally they are burned on bonfires.

  6. Following on from my last point you could also learn about the history of Fireworks Night.

And that sums up my list of ideas to help you celebrate Fireworks Night. If you have more ideas or pictures to share, email us at studio@redshiftonline.org

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