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Virtual Halloween

With everything a bit different this year we are going to have to re-write the rule book when it comes to celebrations. On a normal year many children would be going house to house trick or treating, or perhaps older children and adults might be off to costume parties. So that we can still have lots of fun, I have rounded up some ideas of how to celebrate Halloween this year.

  1. Dress up and have an online fancy dress competition with friends. You could use zoom, google hang outs or any number of different video chat apps for this. Plus everyone loves dressing up, so lets not waste the excuse to!

  2. Make "potions" aka cocktails, or mocktails for the younger ones. If that's too much trouble you could just add some food dye to your drinks to make it look like you are drinking potions. Or for some simple "potions" you could go as basic as adding lemonade to your apple/orange juice. For a more complicated idea you could make hot spiced apple juice and add alcohol for adults.

  3. Watch a scary or Halloween based movie.

  4. Decorate your food, you could make ghost cupcakes, by decorating with a marshmallow on top covered by fondant to make it look like its floating (Take a look at mine below). You could also make cookies look like green fingers with some food colouring and shaping.

  5. Build a haunted house on Minecraft, out of cardboard, or with any other medium you are able to use.

  6. And my final suggestion is to have a spooky scavenger hunt, a bit like an Easter egg hunt but with Halloween sweets and some decorations to make it more fun. If you want to make it more interesting try putting sweets in a bowl of jelly to be fished out! Or hidden in boxes, so you have to put your hand in blind- you could make this more scary by putting objects in the boxes like pipe cleaners or plastic snakes/spiders to add more freight to your hunt.

Well that's it for my ideas feel free to comment with your own, and you can send us your pictures of how you celebrated Halloween at: studio@redshiftonline.org

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