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Where can a Liberal Arts degree take me?

In short, anywhere. The only doors you are closing when taking a liberal arts degree are those careers where you need a specialist qualification like medicine or law, although you can always go back and gain qualifications for specialised careers afterwards. Now I am not speaking from experience as I am still studying, this blog post is based on what I have researched online and what lecturers have told me.

A liberal arts degree keeps the vast majority of your future options open, you could go on to study a masters or PhD in a subject you have covered in your degree. Or of course you can start exploring the world of work, you could head into teaching, media,marketing, politics, museum curator or a whole host of other opportunities!

By taking a liberal arts degree you are able to tailor your learning to your interests and your future career aspirations. For example, if you want to be a teacher you might take modules in education, history or English. Or, you could really be an all round teacher and take a multitude of different modules and work on building your general knowledge up. If you want to work in media you might take media modules (well obviously) along with sociology, film studies or even philosophy or music. For marketing you might take similar modules to media, but perhaps with marketing, law or business modules added in. On the side of politics you could take international relations modules, politics, philosophy and history modules, maybe even add in sociology to the mix. If being a museum curator is more up your street then perhaps a mix of history, geography and sociology modules would be better.

You really can mix and match to create a degree that suits your career aspirations, don't think of liberal arts as a dead-end art degree, because one it is not an art degree, and two it keeps so many doors open! And don't forget one tip for all students is to volunteer, and get experience whilst you study, it is also a great way of learning new skills. If your interested in media why not join us here at RedShift Online?

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